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Email. Planecrash in Alaska. In another remarkable story of survival, it appears there were no fatalities when a plane carrying 11 people crashed Tuesday in a mountainous region of Alaska.

KTUU-TV, an Alaskan television station, reported that the two planescrashed into each other, leaving five dead and one missing. There were 16 people on board the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver and de...

The planescrash off the coast of Alaska near the south-eastern town of Ketchikan (Shutterstock). "Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families of those impacted by today's...

A small plane has crashed in Alaska killing all 10 people on board, according to US media reports. The pilot and nine passengers were killed in the crash, initial reports say.

All nine people aboard a sightseeing plane died in a crash Thursday in southeast Alaska, authorities said, but stormy weather prevented the immediate recovery of the bodies.

...Alaska on Prince of Wales Island: a charter plane with 11 passengers was reported to have

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Federal investigators on Sunday started documenting the wreckage of a planecrash in remote southwest Alaska that killed four people and injured six Friday night.

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is among the five people who were killed after an amphibious planecrashed in Alaska on Monday. The plane plowed into a mountain, leaving a 300-foot gash.

A team of federal investigators is expected to arrive in Alaska Tuesday to try to piece together what caused a deadly midair collision between two sightseeing planes.

Alaska has also seen several planecrashes already this year, including a June 28 crash that killed a pilot and two passengers on a commercial tour in the Alaska Range.

In 1952, a military planecrashed into a mountain in Alaska, killing all 52 servicemen on board. Their remains were soon buried in snow and ice, and the Colony Glacier became their grave.

Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Meagan Peters said a fire that consumed the aircraft initially kept

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - A fifth body was found on Friday in the wreckage of an Alaska sightseeing plane that crashed near North America’s tallest peak, leaving no doubt the pilot perished...

An excursion plane flying over the Alaskan fjords has gone down, killing everyone on board.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – NTSB says 10 killed in Alaskaplanecrash, sends team to investigate.

According to Alaska state troopers, a helicopter pilot first saw the crash site. The National Transportation Safety Board had a team ready to investigate the crash site on Thursday, but the...

A spokeswoman for the family of a man whose plane clipped one building before crashing into another in Alaska said Friday his death was a suicide.

Planecrash investigators have plenty of work in Alaska, which counts about 100 plane accidents per year and averages one each day during the summer. Each accident yields its own set of clues and...

A small turboprop plane carrying ten passengers and one pilot crashed on Tuesday morning on Prince of Wales Island, in Southern Alaska, reports the Associated Press. All 11 people aboard survived.

A passenger plane from Alaska Airlines was stolen from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday at around 8 PM. After flying around an unpredictable path, the planecrashed at a nearby island.

(Newser) – All nine people aboard a sightseeing plane died in a crash yesterday in southeast Alaska, authorities say, but stormy weather prevented the immediate recovery of the bodies.

(Reuters) - Four people were killed on Wednesday when a small planecrashed shortly after taking off from an airport in Anchorage, Alaska, police said. The Cessna 172 aircraft went down in a heavily...

Alaska State Troopers said the DHC-3T Turbine Otter crashed on takeoff from the East Wind Lake

A small planecrashed in the snowy Southwest Alaska village of Kipnuk and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather cam caught the whole incident.

Meagan Peters of Alaska State Troopers says the fixed-wing aircraft was engulfed in flames before firefighters could get to the plane. The victims have not yet been identified.

Former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe was on board a plane believed to be carrying nine people that crashed in Southwest Alaska late Monday, August 9. Rescue crews were trying to reach the...