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Never place your infant seatinthe front passenger side. The back is wherethecarseat needs to be.

The middle is considered the safest and some infant car seats don't fit properly on the sides. If you have more than one car seat to put inthecar

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"A rear-facing car seatdoes a better job of supporting a young child's head and immature neck and spine because it distributes the force of a collision over

Uber, thecar service with the easy-to-use app and controversial dynamic pricing, recently started offering car seats as part of its uberFAMILY plan. For a $10 surcharge, your car arrives with a car seat already installed. Legends Limousine, which is based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, offers both baby and...

If thecardoes not have airbags inthe front, or if they can be deactivated, or if thecar has sensors which switches the airbag off automatically when you fit a child seat, then you can legally carry a rearward facing babyseatinthe front. However, it is still better to fit it inthe rear.

Weight-based seats. The seat your child can use (and the way they must be restrained in it)

Place the base of thecarseat in your car and thread the belt through the rear-facing path, making sure there are no twists inthe belt.

DO. When out of thecar but still on-the-go, place your infant seat safely on a compatible stroller with a locking mechanism.

So that's wherethecarseatwent. When that baby grew up and his brother came into the world? He moved to the next seat over.

The center of the back seat is generally the safest place in a car to install a carseat, based on research from real crashes.

I am going up for the weekend to plattsburgh from albany ny. Says about a 4 hour trip.. I would like to bring a stroller, and would probably keep my 6 month old son in his car seat..But wheredoes he

When you park your car, wrap thecarseatinthe blanket to protect it then in 2 black bags secure with cello tape & attach your tag all ready for check in.

Stop carseat confusion with our guide to how much you should spend, whether to go for a group seat or i-size and find out why carseats jargon, such as

The following charts show the Baby Jogger City Go test results (in black) compared to thecarseats that

So your baby hates being in a car seat -- making it a very stressful event getting from A to B. Here are 9 tips from those who have...

The Watch and Learn Guide to Your Baby's First Year. To learn more, go to: http

Inthe more than eight years that editors have been installing car seats into vehicles to test both fit and room, we’ve come across cars, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks that can comfortably and

Read this quick guide on the laws regarding carseats for babies and children in Italy whether you are taking your own car or hiring a car when you get there.

Convertible car seats stay inthecar. They don’t come with a handle or “pop out” of a base that remains inthecar. They are intended for safe